Monday, 10 November 2014

Lindsey McGraham Worships Ted Kennedy

For those of you too young to remember, Ted Kennedy is the guy who, while drunk, walked away from a car accident and left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown to death at the bottom of Poucha Pond, near the Kennedy's compound off Martha's Vineyard, in 1969. Nearly a day later, friends of Kennedy finally called the police to fish her bloated body out of the water. This incident is the root of his long-standing nickname, Teddy Splash Kennedy. Senator Kennedy is also one of the most liberal politicians ever to serve in the US Congress, with a decades-long history of screwing hard-working Americans in favor of left-wing special interest groups and labor unions, and is a darling of the liberal media.

But to Lindsey Graham, Ted Kennedy is a hero. As the news conference proceeded, Senator Graham defended the now-dead immigration bill, and said, in effect: It's not that I THINK I'm smarter than the folks back in South Carolina. It's that I AM smarter than the folks back in South Carolina. Over the past several weeks, as the roar of disapproval for Graham grew stronger by the day in South Carolina, Senator Graham's antics continued At a function of La Raza, a Hispanic group whose primary goal is to reclaim the Southwestern United States for Mexico, by military force if necessary, he was asked his response to the folks back in South Carolina who opposed the amnesty portion of the immigration bill. His response: I'm going to tell the bigots to shut up.

On the Senate floor, Graham referred to his constituents in SC who disagreed with him on amnesty for illegal aliens as "those loud people", and vowed to ignore them. Senator Graham was moved to podium-slapping and near-tears in a floor speech as he pleaded for the rights of illegal aliens, foreign criminals, to reunite their entire families in the United States. This writer was reminded of his last emotional floor speech, when he passionately pleaded for the rights of terrorists, whose primary goal is to kill American children. It's interesting that there is no record of Senator Graham ever making an emotional speech on the Senate floor in defense of the protection and rights of South Carolinians, or US citizens at large.

As the immigration bill died a slow and public death, Senator Graham repeatedly voted with the Democrats, and against the vast majority of conservative Republicans. And on CSPAN, as the historical votes unfolded, he could often be seen huddling with Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy. For the past several weeks, Lindsey Graham has heard overwhelmingly from South Carolina's voters that we DO NOT support this immigration bill. The volume and intensity of the public outcry was similar to that he heard last year, when we told him that we did not support his leadership in working for the rights of terrorists at the expense of the rights of Americans.

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